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AutoFlowchart is a excellent source code flowcharting tool
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AutoFlowchart is a developer's tool able to simplify the titanic job of having a source code logic in order and seeing the whole process step by step. The program allows its user to have a source code graphic that will simplify the task of checking whether the programming process does what it's supposed to do. The file source must be in C++/Delphi or other programming code. The interface lets the developer make direct adjustments to the code and see the changes in the Flowchart graphic right away (especially helpful when dealing with programming "triggers"). The program's functions are basic, it is designed for visualization only since most of the work will be done by the user. One interesting feature is that the program allows you to export your final code flowchart to the files supported by the programs like Word, Visio, Bitmap, SVG. This will allow you to share your advances with your colleagues. AutoFlowchart is so focused on the final advanced user that its User´s Manual has only 8 pages!

Augusto Rivera
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  • The tool is focused on the programmers segment
  • It's an easier way to see what you're working on without getting lost in the process


  • Trial version allows only to modify code but not to export it
  • The price is high
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